A little about me..

    I studied my masters in Computer Science at University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA and worked at Apple, Cupertino, USA for over 5 years after interning and freelancing.

     I enjoy understanding and developing algorithms. I am drawn to the mathematical aspect of computer science thus working in data science. Over the years I have borne witness to the exponential evolution of machine learning.

     As much as I love algorithms, analytics and logic, I love creativity, spontaneity and randomness.

      I am an artist, photographer and writer. I am as intriguied by human languages as I am by machine code. During the time I spent working as an engineer, my creative works drastically reduced. I used to pride myself in being a 5th generation writer in my family but soon I found myself writing only technical documents and drawing flowcharts!

     Thus began my journey of exploration. I left my job and the country I called home for 8 years in the pursuit of greater knowledge. I decided to learn life the best way possible - by traveling and meeting people. I decided to paint, write and solve puzzles. I decided to not be shackled to a routine. I decided to free my caged mind.

     If you have trouble pronouncing my name - Aparajitha, you can call me Apa! :)